Environmentally-Friendly Packaging

We are proud to let our customers know that we are reusing cardboard boxes that we get from receiving goods to create custom hand made packaging for every product we sell in order to help save the environment. Every little helps!


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The official definition says that green packaging (aka sustainable packaging) is the use of materials and manufacturing methods that have a minimal impact on energy consumption and the environment. The main goals of sustainable packaging are to:

  • Reduce the overall amount of packaging;
  • Increase the use of renewable or reusable materials;
  • Minimize packaging associated costs;
  • Exclude harmful (toxic) materials;
  • Ensure packaging is easy to recycle.


But in fact, eco-friendly packaging is not just about minimizing the amount of wrapping, it also includes package design, processing as well as the entire product lifecycle.


While no one denies a positive impact of eco-friendly packaging on the environment, the question of commercial benefits is still disputable.

However, numbers speak louder than words. A survey conducted by the Recycled Paperboard Alliance found that about 6o% of customers are more likely to buy products from a company that uses recycled packaging.

The research also found that along with reduced packaging customers vote for bio packaging materials and willingly support companies that bring sustainability to the production.


First of all, by using sustainable packaging for your products you make your contribution to the environment protection and become a great example to follow. Now, due to your eco-friendly activities, our planet will become a little greener.

Wise usage of green packaging allows you to significantly reduce shipping costs. Did you know that the average package contains about 40 percent of empty space? Larger-than-required boxes occupy more space in the carrier, eventually increasing carbon emissions and fuel usage. Therefore, by using more compact packaging you cut down shipping expenses and make your products more attractive to customers. Read more...