Guards Against Insanity Edition 4 Coupon Code |
Guards Against Insanity Edition 4 Coupon Code

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Get 40% Off On Guards Against Insanity Edition 4 Using coupon Code GAIE440.

What is Guards Against Insanity?

Guards Against Insanity is an unofficial naughty third-party expansion for Cards Against Humanity.

Do you love Cards Against Humanity?

If you have a dark sense of humor and find some of the existing Cards Against Humanity cards a little too tame, this is the unofficial third-party expansion you’ve been waiting for… 

Use coupon code GAIE440 at the check out to get 40% off of Guards Against Insanity Edtion 4

Free Shipping orders over £45.

Just so you know we have four other editions as well as Asylum Pack which includes editions 1 - 4 for you to choose from to qualify for free shipping on the top of 40% off Edition 4.

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  • Jan 01, 2019
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