Confessions the game of secrets & lies | dirty confession revealed |
Confessions the game of secrets & lies | dirty confession revealed

Confessions: The Game Of Secrets & Lies Gameplay

This video shows how you can discover your friend's dirty secrets. Watch and enjoy it as its hilarious :)

It's embarrassing to admit, but I once begged for...

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What is Confessions?

Confessions is an adult party card game which will help you discover some of your friend's most intimate secrets.

Here’s how you play Confessions...

On your turn, you pick up and read a Confessions card aloud. You’ll then finish telling the story.

Everyone else votes on whether what you said was a secret or a lie. The more people that guess wrong, the more points you’ll get.

Players who guess right also receive a point and the person with the most points after 3 rounds wins the game.

Confessions has been designed to lead to some beautifully awkward moments with you and your friends.

Now we understand that the majority of people have one or two skeletons that they would prefer to keep firmly locked away in the closet.

As Confessions is a bluffing game, there’s no need to worry if you don’t want to reveal all of your dirty little secrets. Simply make up a story and see if you can convince your friends that it really did happen.

Confessions is also a fun adult drinking game and the alternative drinking rules will also be included within the game.

Who is Confessions for?

If you enjoy playing games like Cards Against Humanity, Never Have I Ever, Exploding Kittens and Ring of Fire, then you're going to LOVE playing Confessions and we invite you to back our Kickstarter campaign.

It’s time for you sinners to get down on your knees and confess. And, if you’re already down on your knees, Confessions is definitely your kind of party game.

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