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Confessions is probably the most awkward adult party card game you will ever play with your friends.

Confessions allows you to discover your friends’ most intimate secrets and their most embarrassing stories.

As Confessions is a bluffing adult party card game, there’s no need to worry if you don’t want to reveal all your past indiscretions. Simply make up a story and see if you can convince your friends that it’s true.

If you enjoy playing games like Cards Against Humanity, Truth or Dare & Never Have I Ever, it’s likely that you’ll LOVE playing Confessions.

You can buy the Confessions game here 

We also have other amazing adult party card games that will spice up your party or game night which you can find them below:

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You can find a free sample of each game at the bottom of this page This will allow you to see the content before you consider buying them.


P.S. Here’s a video of Kaitlin and her housemates playing Confessions game which we hope you enjoy!


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