Better Than The Original Cards Against Humanity According David |
Better Than The Original Cards Against Humanity

Better Than The Original Cards Against Humanity  - A Review By David Hayward 

We'd like to thank David for his honest review on eBay which describes Guards Against Insanity superbly. It's great to see how our customers think of our game.

This is what David think of Guards Against Insanity:

"CAH is a great game, but I had not played it in a while because it had got a bit stale. A friend of mine recently bought a CAH expansion pack so I decided to have a look for one to freshen up my box, and I found a number of unofficial sets of cards as well as the official CAH expansion packs. I had considered buying one of the smaller expansions packs from this set, but after reading the reviews I decided to take a chance on the Asylum Pack box of packs 1-4.

It didn't disappoint!! Unlike the official expansion packs this appears to be written more for the brutal UK sense of humour (although the spelling of some words is American, eg. mom instead of mum etc.), but it does blend seamlessly into your CAH deck. Some of these cards are quite rude and dark so this is not an expansion pack for those easily offended, a bit sensitive or for snowflakes. Personally I would go even darker, but this has to sell to a wider market than people with no lower limit on their sense of humour.

The build quality is excellent, perhaps even better than the original CAH deck of cards, with identical size, colour, fonts and format."

- Guards Against `Insanity review by David



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  • Feb 14, 2020
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